Znama Studio

Emilie Lauren


Since the age of four, Emilie Lauren has been involved with dance and gymnastics. She was a gymnast for seven years before moving on to classical ballet, which she continued to study in college. She took her first bellydance class in high school and has been studying bellydance in its various forms ever since, including Tribal, American Cabaret, Turkish and Egyptian.  Emilie draws on her ballet and gymnastics background to create her own elegant and athletic style of bellydance, and help her students become stronger, more confident dancers.  Emilie is also a certified Balanced Body Barre instructor and is finishing her 480 hour Pilates mat and equipment apprenticeship with Momentum Pilates at Pearl Pilates.

Kate Soleil


Kate is a passionate and soulful dancer who has studied various styles of dance from North Africa, the Middle East, and Levant. Since 2008 Kate has studied American Cabaret,Turkish, and Lebanese Styles of dance, but fell deeply in love when she began studying Egyptian Oriental and folk dance and since has dedicated her time to specializing in this particular style. Kate is passionate about celebrating and honoring the power of womanhood through dance, creating community, and guiding others towards reconnecting to their bodies and deeper creative essence through movement.

*Classes start November 13th.

Zora Phoenix


Zora Phoenix is a Portland-based burlesque production powerhouse, producing two monthly burlesque shows (including Portland’s Longest Running Burlesque Show) as well as two bi-monthly events and quarterly burlesque & variety productions, all with a goal of bringing incredible burlesque to Bridgetown since 2009 with an emphasis of the diversity and variety in the art of striptease.  In addition, she is the Executive Director of the Rose City School of Burlesque, as well as founder and webmistress of BurlesquePDX.com

*Stay tuned for next burlesque series starting in October 2019.