Znama Studio

JAN 12

12:00pm- 3:00pm


Let’s warm our bones in the new year and inspire our vertebrae, arms and hips to move with the power and grace of a serpent.

In this 3 hour power-packed workshop Tiare will take you on an enlightening journey into the inner workings of entrancing and intricate serpentine movements.

We will practice conditioning methods, essential yoga and dig into the fundamentals of serpentine structuring in dance.

All levels are welcome and expect to be challenged.

COST: $60
REGISTER: PayPal tiare_tashnick@hotmail.com

Tiare Valôuria is an internationally renowned, breakthrough fusion dance artist who specializes in Tribal Bellydance, Classical Temple Fusion and Ritual Theatre. She is a certified Vinyasa yoga instructor with an extensive background in Tribal Bellydance, Indian Classical Temple dance, Modern Contemporary, Ballet, Hula and Butoh. Her classes are fun and encouraging, while her teaching approach is extremely informative fused with a focus on feeling good in your body, therefore easy to digest and always inspiring.

JAN 18

12:30pm- 2:30pm


Water is essential to life; without water, we are just parched barren land. Water is the element of emotion and connecting to this element can bring depth to our dance as we move in harmony with the waters of this planet and our body. Dance can be an expression of the Divine; the Divine nature within ourselves as well as in devotion to a spirit or Deity.

In this class, we will begin by connecting to water at a sacred altar. We will learn hand gestures, Mudras, and poses that connect us with the element of water. Then as a group, we will begin to move through a Water Warrior Yoga Combination and warm-up movement meditation.

We will then begin to explore different movements that are associated with the element of water and finally, we will learn combinations that express dance through a watery nature and can be woven into performance or prayer!

You are welcome to bring an item that connects you with water to leave on the altar for the duration of the class.You may wish to bring your own yoga mat.Wear what is comfortable for you, but blue and white is encouraged.

Register at www.AnnwynDance.com