Znama Studio


Dance Conditioning with Tabra

4:30pm- 6:00pm

We've got round 2 of Splits with a little more back bend action this time. Get ready to SWEAT with a yummy, slightly cardio (yeah i know) warm up. We'll jump right into a Pilates based sequence for hips to stabilize and target those stingy muscles that are keeping your splits hostage. As well as using active and dynamic flexibility techniques, pre-contortion drills, and a few passive stretches in there to give you a break, you'll find not only greater range or depth in your flexibility, but also strength, stability, and understanding of where you are in your journey and how to get to the end goal! Each class is 1.5 hours of laughing, breathing, and giving me evil eyes fun! Don't miss out! $100 for the full 8 weeks!