Znama Studio


September 2017 Class Schedule:

Upper Level Bellydance Training with Claudia
Tuesdays 6:30-7:30
Skills and Drills!!! It’s not back to the basics, It’s more like back to the bread and butter, the meat and potatoes of our dance. Add a spark of flavor to your skills and give it the professional touch.
$15 Drop in, $48 for 4 week classes; credit card, paypal, cash check


Beginning Bellydance with Claudia
Tuesdays 7:30-8:30PM
Please register at claudiabellydance@gmail.com

Pilates Club with Ameena Lacey
(on break, back soon)

Intermediate Bellydance with Emilie
Wednesdays 7:15-8:15PM
This class is designed for students looking to take their dance to the next level.  Students will learn layers, intricate arm patterns, floorwork, and how to work with props, including zills, veil and sword.  Students will also have the opportunity to learn and perform group choreographies in this class.  $15 for drop-ins. Class cards available: 4 classes for $48, 6 classes for $66, 12 classes for $120.

Ballet Basics with April MacKay
Thursdays 6:00-7:00 PM
Has it been years since you’ve danced? Have you always wanted to take ballet classes and just never made it happen? Here’s your chance to bring the simple joy of dance into your life. We will build the foundation of a solid technique, learn to use the body to create beautiful shapes, groove to some great tunes, and have a great time doing it. Ballet shoes are optional (bare feet or socks work great) and while leotards are fun, you can wear whatever you feel comfortable moving in. This class is a positive environment where you will be encouraged, challenged, and celebrated!
$15 Drop-in / $60 5-Class cards / Cash or Cards accepted

Happy Hour Pilates with Emilie
Fridays 4:15-5:15PM (starts September 15th)
Like a ball, roll smoothly into your weekend with Friday Happy Hour Pilates. We’ll focus on the fundamentals of mat work, and add challenge to this full-body workout with props such as foam rollers, small weights, flex bands, magic circles and more.  After this workout, you’ll be recharged down to your core, so can enjoy your weekend to the fullest. Open to all levels. $15 for drop-ins. Class cards available: 4 classes for $48, 6 classes for $66, 12 classes for $120.

Essential Barre with Emilie
Saturdays 11:00-12:00PM (starts September 16th)
Essential Barre: The essence of ballet and Pilates distilled into a graceful and challenging workout. This class combines standing strengthening, stretching, and cardio exercises at the barre and center floor, with Pilates matwork based on the six classic principles of Pilates: control, breath, concentration, flow, centering and precision. All levels welcome. Class cards available: 4 classes for $48, 6 classes for $66, 12 classes for $120.

Mat Pilates with Michael 
Sundays 10:30-11:30PM
Work off your Sunday morning hangover with the beginner/intermediate level mat Pilates class.  Class focuses on improving mobility and core strength while fostering a relaxed and body-positive environment. $10 for drops-in, $50 for 6 classes.



Note: registration and payment for on-going classes is handled by individual instructors.
Private dance, Pilates and barre classes always available!